KidsQuest is uniquely designed for children newborn through 5th grade. We believe children are a blessing from God and we are passionate about creating an environment that is safe, secure, age-appropriate and fun where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way allowing children to grow in their relationship with Jesus. After all, the future is theirs!

Each Sunday, during the Message portion of our gathering, your children are invited to participate in a safe, fun and interactive lesson to learn more about God. We are committed to helping your child grow in every aspect of their relationship with Jesus and understanding of His Word. Our fully screened staff have a passion for serving in children’s ministry and have a deep desire to see children know, love and serve Jesus. Your kids can easily join the fun and experience a world where children meet Jesus on their level!

There are currently 2 age group classrooms - elementary age, and pre-K. Both age groups have the same lesson on a given Sunday, and if you have signed up for email notifications, you will receive a 'take-home' follow-up resource to continue the conversation with your children during the week. Each age group will experience the Bible story, in an age-appropriate way, with suitable activities and videos. 

The Pre-K classroom is held in the nursery and is staffed accordingly. During your child’s stay, they will be cared for both emotionally and physically by our staff; whether that means changing diapers, feeding, holding your child throughout their stay. In addition there will be children’s worship music playing.

For more information about our KidsQuest Ministry, please contact us: