Our Vision

The Wright brothers dreamed they could fly. They watched birds' steer their direction with their head. They noticed birds’ tails guided elevation and pitch. They noticed that birds' angled wings to control their balance & roll. They applied these 3 principles and discovered the formula! In 1903, they succeeded in flying free, for the 1st time! Today, when Boeing builds airplanes, they don’t need to re-discover how to fly. They apply the basic principles the Wright Brothers discovered and their specific design for structural integrity, and their airplane flies, every time!

LifeQuest Church was born in December, 2015. LifeQuest is supported by our parent church who provides oversight, partnership, support, encouragement and empowerment. 

So our story is just beginning. We are excited about the future, and we hope that our story, and your story, connects, along with God's story of his quest for life - your's and ours. 

LifeQuest is learning to fly based on the 3 principles Jesus discovered... Yaw (directional vision), Pitch (spiritual freedom), Roll (cultural balance). We fly as Jesus’ vision directs us; as we elevate our pitch in spiritual freedom (loving and doing); as we balance our roll between today's culture and ACTS culture (committed community).

Jesus’ Vision (3 Scriptures) is our vision; we hope it becomes your vision too.

  • We dream of fulfilling the Great Commandment by loving God completely, loving ourselves correctly, loving others compassionately. (Matthew 22:36-40)
  • We dream of fulfilling the Great Commission by learning to be better apprentices leading more apprentices as we follow Jesus.  (Matthew 28:16-20)
  • We dream of being a Great Community showing Great Commitment to living as Jesus’ Disciples, Companions, Teammates, and Stewards. (Acts 2:42-47)

Jesus’ vision directs our mission! What’s the difference between vision and mission? Just add the letters ‘ary’ on the end of each word. A vision comes from a visionary (Jesus); a mission is a quest a mission-ary (we) goes on. Jesus’ mission was: to make it so He and we could be on mission together

We hope our collective mission becomes your personal mission!

our Values

Our community identity is shaped by the values we live out. These include: 

  • Communicating Truth in Love: people hearing God's word in fresh, fun and relevant ways.
  • Authentic Relationships: people connecting and caring for one another in genuine
  • Servant Leadership: people leading with downward mobility, humility and equipping others.
  • Life Growth: people taking steps toward intimacy with Jesus wherever they are on their quest.
  • Powerful Prayer: people sharing every joy and need with God, who is eager to listen and act.
  • Culturally Sensitive: people building bridges to reach a searching and skeptical society.
  • Spiritual Freedom: people using gifts to honor God; loving to do what they’re good at doing.
  • Expectant Faith: people trusting God as they step out on faith  to join Him in what He is
 up to.
  • Inspiring Worship: people experiencing God thru worship that engages and inspires hearts.